• Shanghai Colorshine Packing Co., LTD

    Shanghai Colorshine Packing Co.,LTD, a new member of Group George established in 2005 in Shanghai China. With more than 1,500 M2 of industrial building, relies on the good local labour resource and more and more automated machine, allow us to have more flexible production capacity to answer your orders fast.
    As a member of the George Group, we have the same philosophy and ability of creativity and innovation, to provide you good quality of production and service.
    By the principle of Nearness, our Geographical Zones cover: whole Asia and part of Mideast.
    Thanks to the good situation of labour resource in China, allow us to get better quality/price ratio. Our factory becomes also the production base for subcontract of Group for European and North American market. We are proud to see our achievements of in countries of Asian, European, and North American, in companies of L’Oreal, P&G/Wella , Henkel ….
    We sincerely hope to count you among our faithful customers, provide you top quality products and top quality service.

    Wangcheng, Chine


    General Manager : Wangcheng

    Room 1102, No. 3553,
    North Zhong Shan Road,
    200062, Shanghai

    Tel: +86-21-2357-0337
    Email: commercial@colorshine-sh.com

  • 上海乔治包装材料有限公司

    上海乔治包装材料有限公司(Shanghai Colorshine Packing Co., LTD)隶属于法国乔治集团,成立于2005年. 公司地处中国上海, 厂房面积1500 平方米,借助于当地丰富的劳动力资源及越来越多的自动化设备, 工厂具有相当大的产能弹性和潜力。本着集团贴近服务的原则, 我们主要致力于亚洲及中东地区客户的服务. 作为集团的一员, 公司同样具备了产品开发,设计以及提供优质产品和服务的能力.

    得益于中国的人力资源及劳动力资源的优势, 我们的产品具备了更优的性价比, 除了服务于亚洲及中东地区的客户, 我们的工厂还成为集团的生产基地之一。公司成立八年多来每年为威娜,欧莱雅,施华寇,柔迪雅,露华浓等国际品牌配套生产数十万册美观,精致且实用的色板。 产品远销所有亚洲国家以及欧洲和北美地区。


    Wangcheng, Chine

    公司地址:中国上海市零陵路791弄3 号807室。ZIP: 200030。

    Email: commercial@colorshine-sh.com

    General Manager: Wangcheng