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    Let us lead your project to success!

    From conception to production: take advantage of the creative skills, expertise and dynamics of our group by accessing the worldwide database from our design offices.

    Faithfully reproduce colours
    Our unmatched expertise in colour reproduction means you are sure to achieve excellent results:
    1. Colours are matched until perfect reproduction of the required shades and tones is achieved.
    2. Fibre assembling technology that guarantees perfect and long-lasting results.
    3. Choice of fibres according to the colour output/aspect and effect required.

    Create swatches of any shape
    Our extremely varied range of swatches is regularly enhanced each year with new models. The flexibility of our manufacturing equipment means we can create original and exclusive shapes to meet your particular requirements.

    Design increasingly attractive displays
    Our creative studios work closely with you to design 3-D drawings and mock-ups until your project is finalised, working constantly to obtain artistic, original and attractive new ideas.

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    Implement your project

    A choice of fibres to suit your requirements:
    Depending on the results you wish to achieve in terms of colour and tones, we can offer a choice of 3 types of fibre:
    • Standard: the result on textured fibre is very close to human hair in terms of colour with a very natural, cosmetic finish
    • Super D: for a result that combines natural looking hair with added shine and a smoother colour finish (available in a thicker width adapted to the Asian markets)
    • Super Shiny: the texture provides an extra shiny result and an even smoother colour finish, enhancing the shimmering effects of light
    Your project subject to constant monitoring:
    Colour charts, seasonal animation, displays, front trays, plastic buttons… As soon as your project has been validated we launch the manufacturing of your products in our factories. Our internal production structure means we are in control of the entire production chain. Certain tasks that require particular precision, such as the assembling and sticking of swatches, are carried out manually. Our top-quality standards have led us to develop monitoring tools with an average of over 12 verification checks carried out on each product to guarantee our goods are flawless.
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    The means to succeed

    Personalised follow-up
    We dedicate a person to take responsibility of your project from the initial creation phase to final delivery of the product, according to a programmed schedule drawn up jointly by both parties.

    1. Preparation
    Your project manager decides, in full accordance with yourselves, the conception of your product (exact colour matches, production of swatches, creation of promotional materials) right up to validation of the prototype or the technical specifications and artwork.

    2. Manufacturing
    Your products are manufactured in our factories equipped with machines using high technology, and constantly modernised.  With 8 production sites around the world, our group has a unique production capacity (over 200 million swatches per year and a workforce of 500 people). Our international network allows us to satisfy every type of request, whatever the quantity and whatever the destination.
    3. Shipment
    We coordinate and deliver – if necessary all around the world – thanks to the expert skills of our logistics/transport department.
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