Our commitments

Because we are convinced that the key to success means taking a responsible approach and respecting commitments towards moral, social and environmental ethics, GEORGE’s Group promises to:

  •  Respect our customers:
    We determine for you the best possible production costs, guarantee the quality of finished products and undertake to deliver within fixed deadlines.  We are committed to establishing relationships with our customers based on trust.
  • Respect the men and women who work for George’s Group:
    We are committed to respect workplace regulations in each of the countries where the group is present, both in terms of our factories as well as those of our suppliers; we support employment and access to employment by hiring, directly or indirectly, disabled people and by offering work-at-home schemes for women.
  • Respect the environment:
    We have undertaken an in-house initiative and with our partners to limit the impact of our activities on the environment. Tangible actions have been taken to favour the use of environmentally friendly materials (FSC-certified paper, cardboard and packaging, recycled plastic, organic ink, natural adhesives, compliance with REACH regulations, etc.)